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Privacy Policy

First South Financial is a member-owned, federally insured financial institution serving over 60,000 members throughout the world. We are a recognized leader in strength and stability, leadership excellence, and overall service quality by a wide array of independent organizations. Since 1957, our mission has been a simple one: To provide our members the best products at the best prices with the highest level of service. Today, we offer a full range of financial services designed to meet the needs of our members.

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Privacy Policy

First South Financial maintains the strictest standards in protecting the privacy of you, our members. The information we collect is used only to administer your accounts and allow us to meet your financial needs. The First South Financial privacy policy is a top priority for the organization. Procedures to protect your privacy have been carefully developed and employees are trained to consistently apply them.

Website Privacy Policy

Access a copy of our website privacy policy in PDF format

Security of Information

Security measures are in place to control unauthorized access to information about your account. These include but are not limited to the following:

Proper shredding and disposal of paper documents; optional code words available for member accounts; SSL encryption for online information transmission such as when accessing accounts online, using bill pay and sending email via our web site.

Procedures to establish your identity are followed by staff before information is released to you or actions are taken in relation to your account.

In the course of doing business, information available from public records may be added to the information you provide to us. This is used only to help you learn more about products and services that may interest you.

Information about your account is released to third parties that partner with First South Financial only when necessary to conduct financial business authorized by your account agreement with us. These include credit card payment processors, bill payment vendors, credit bureaus and other similar entities.

First South Financial does not sell or provide member information to mailing lists. From time to time special offers may be made to members directly by First South Financial. Occasionally, credit union affiliates and subsidiaries will be provided basic information only in order to make special offers to members. This information is provided only to offer a broader array of products and services and is only provided to organizations that follow strict confidentiality requirements. No confidential account or personal information is released to these or any other third parties, except where we believe it to be required by law. Members wishing to have their names removed from national lists should: write to the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service, P.O. Box 9008, Farmingdale NY 11753-9008. Include your name, address and phone number with your request to be taken off mass mailing lists. You may also call 1.888.567.8688 to have your name taken off prescreened lists from the major credit bureaus.

Accuracy of Information

We take all steps possible to ensure the accuracy of your account information. If you think any of your account information may contain inaccuracies, please report these by calling the phone number on your account statement. If there is inaccurate information, we will correct it as quickly as possible.

Online Banking

We have taken all possible steps to ensure information that is exchanged between you and us online is protected. Our website provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections directly between you and us. Only provide your account number and password when your browser indicates this type of connection to us. No information obtained from you during online banking sessions is ever provided to anyone outside the credit union. Your visits to our web site remain anonymous. We only collect non-identifying information that is aggregated to identify dates and times of visits, IP addresses, and web browsers most often used, pages of our site most often visited, etc.

When accessing online banking, completing forms or answering surveys, you may be asked for your email address. This is optional and will be used only by us to handle your request. We will preserve the content of your email, your email address and our responses in order to follow-up with you. We may occasionally contact you by email to inform you of beneficial services. You may ask to be removed from this notification list if you choose.

Some areas of our web site may use — cookies — to allow the web server to log the pages you use within our site. This does not provide us with identifiable information and is not used to determine who you are or your email address. When legally required or permitted, we may exchange information with credit bureaus or in connection with a fraud investigation.

We do not knowingly collect information from children or market to children.

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