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online Security tips & tricks

What you need to know to stay safe online

Phishing. Identity Theft. Malware. Scams. Cyber Attacks. Data Breaches.

We're here to help you avoid being a victim.

We've all heard these words at some point in time or maybe someone we know has been a victim of online crime. Or maybe it's even happened to you.

Here at First South Financial, we understand that it can be hard to keep up. What's the latest scam or malware attack? How do kids stay safe online? How do I spot a fraudulent email or a spoofed web site? What if my social media accounts are hacked?

That's why we are providing links to pages on our site and others that can help you stay informed on the latest cyber security issues and trends.

Please click on any of the topics listed below to find out more.

Phishing Scam Alerts
Identity Theft Protecting Kids Online
Online Security Malware
How to protect your computer Email Spam

Please know that First South Financial will never call you or email you and ask you to provide your full Social Security Number, your account number, or other pieces of sensitive information. If you receive a call or email like this, please contact us at 901.380.7400 or email us at

We take the safety and security of your personal information very seriously and have placed many procedcures and safeguards in place to help prevent your information from being lost or stolen.



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