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Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Jumbo Mortgage Loans

large loan amount, same great service

What is a jumbo loan?

A mortgage loan is considered a jumbo if the amount of the mortgage exceeds loan-servicing limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, which is currently set to $510,400* for most areas of the country.

These loans are considered non-conforming loans. Due to the large loan amounts involved, the requirements and guidelines for borrowers will be a bit stricter when it comes to earnings, down payment amounts and debt-to-income ratios.

First South Financial understands the intricacies of these loans and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you understand all your options and requirements for this type of loan.

Here's what we can offer you:

  • Extremely competitive rates*
  • Terms up to 30 years*
  • LTVs up to 80%*
  • Loan amounts up to $2 million*

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 901-380-7530 or at

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