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Payment Options

Payment options

Pay in the way that works best for you!

We offer several ways for you to make payments to your First South Financial loan, mortgage or credit card.

Transfers from your First South Financial accounts

This option can be set up for either your First South Financial loan, mortgage or credit card via online banking or mobile banking. Just click or tap on "Make a Transfer". This How To Guide on Transfers can walk you through the steps. 

Transfers from accounts you have with other financial institutions

This method also offers the option for a one-time payment or automatic recurring payments once the external account has been verified. We developed a How To Guide for external transfers to help you through the set up process.

Other ways to pay

We can also accept payments via check or cash at any of our banking centers, or check by phone* through our service center. You can also make your payment from online or mobile banking with a non-First South Financial VISA debit card or with a MasterCard debit or credit card*. For your convenience we have provided a generic loan coupon that you can print, complete and send in with your payment. Your loan and payment information can be found inside online or mobile banking.

If you have questions regarding how to make your loan payments, please feel free to call us at 901-380-7401 or email us at

*There is a fee for check by phone or payment by card. Please see us for complete details.

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