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Simplifying Your Alerts: One Number for All Your Digital Banking Needs!6/3/2024

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We're excited to announce a new Digital Banking Enhancement that will make managing your alerts easier! All alerts generated by Digital Banking will now be delivered from a single, dedicated ten-digit phone number: 844-947-2557.

What This Means:

Gone are the days of wondering if that alert text came from Digital Banking! Any alerts you've set up through online or mobile banking will now come from this single, designated number. These alerts include:

  • Security alerts
  • Transfer alerts
  • Transaction alerts
  • Password reset requests
  • Username retrieval requests

Why This is Helpful:

This change offers several benefits for our members:

  • Reduced Inbox Clutter: All your Digital Banking alerts will be consolidated into one message thread, making it easier to stay organized and track your notifications.
  • Increased Confidence: Knowing that legitimate Digital Banking messages will always originate from 844-947-2557 gives you peace of mind and eliminates any uncertainty about the sender.
  • Improved Communication: This change should also resolve the previous issue of T-Mobile occasionally blocking alerts generated by Digital Banking.

Here is a screenshot of how the messages will appear:

Lumin Alert Text

How to Identify the Source of Your Alert:

Here's a quick guide to help you identify the source of your alerts:

  • 844-947-2557: This number signifies a message directly from Digital Banking.
  • A 10-digit code: Messages regarding Overdraft Privilege or Non-Sufficient Funds, email or physical address changes and loan payment due dates are not generated by Digital Banking and will continue to come from our core banking system
  • 5-Digit Code: These alerts typically come from VISA or a third-party financial management app you've connected.

Important Note:

This change does not affect standard alerts related to Overdraft Privilege and Non-Sufficient Funds. These alerts will continue to be delivered as usual and won't come from the 844 number. That's because Symitar, not Digital Banking, generates them. Any third-party alerts you've signed up for will remain unaffected.

We hope this new enhancement streamlines your Digital Banking experience and makes managing your alerts a breeze! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly Digital Banking Support Team.

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